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all together
a blog from Happy about being a good human

A blog from Happy about being a good Human for yourself + the world around you.


a new blog from Happy

A Welcome Letter From Happy + All Together. 


For ME

ideas and stories about nurturing yourself so that you can be your healthiest happiest self


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tips, tools and inspiration for improving your relationships and being a better human

Interviews and conversations with musicians who understand the value of expressing your experience and being heard


For Now

join us in our mission to make the world a more open, more empathic space. 

Workshops + Events

Check out upcoming workshops, events, changes to expand your mind and connect with other people who understand the value of listening, being compassionate and being empathetic. 

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All Together is brought to you by Happy - a mobile app that connects people dealing with everyday stresses and struggles to compassionate givers who can lead an ear and give some support and encouragement. 



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